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Whether you are seeking a burial or a cremation memorial, Newcastle Memorial Park is a place where the living can commemorate the lives of those who are important to them in an open and natural setting. As time passes, the significance of key dates (anniversaries, birthdays, religious days) grows, and so too does the symbolic importance of a memorial.  

Our memorials will suit every family and budget, whether they are looking for the simplicity of a lawn burial, a headstone burial or a cremation niche, you will find what you are looking for at Newcastle Memorial Park. You can even secure a burial or cremation estate so that members of your family can be memorialised together.

All of our memorials are set amongst our manicured and landscaped grounds and are tended to by our skilled grounds team all throughout the year.

Brendan Moar, Landscape Gardener and Television Presenter, discusses the importance of memorials and the options available to you.

Cemeteries provide a beautiful oasis, both at the time of a loved one's passing, and also in  subsequent times whenever you need to remember.

Having a permanent place that can be visited regularly is an important part of the healing process. A memorial gives everyone a special place to go to and remember a loved one.

Having a permanent place to reflect is also a way of connecting to a family's past. Visiting the resting place of grandparents or great-grandparents may provide children with an anchor to their personal history. It is a connection to the past, and to shared love. A lasting memorial truly honours the relationship you still have – and will always have – with that person.

A moment of reflection can bring back a lifetime of memories.

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