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Each year, Newcastle Memorial Park is proud to play host to a range of community, cultural and religious events and commemorations so that the communities around us can pay their respects to departed loved ones, as well as fulfil important cultural and religious obligations.

Coping with Loss and Grief... especially at Christmas time. 

Please join us for a service by renowned grief expert Doris Zagdanksi. She will speak about grief, loss and how to cope over this holiday period. 

Date: 12th December 2017
Time: 10am-12noon
RSVP: Garry on or 4944 6000

Mother’s Day Memorial Service

Newcastle Memorial Park hosts an annual memorial service on Mother’s Day to honour all of the mothers and mother-figures who are missed by families at this important time of the year.

Mothers and mother-figures make a significant contribution to our lives yet when they are no longer with us, it can make it hard to enjoy all that goes with a day like Mother’s Day. This is why we host an uplifting service of remembrance so that those missing a mother or mother-figure can include their thoughts about their departed loved one on this important day.

We would be honoured if you join us for this moving memorial service and join us for refreshments at the conclusion of the service.

Father’s Day Memorial Service

Each September, on Father’s Day, Newcastle Memorial Park hosts an uplifting services of tribute in honour of the fathers and father-figures who are no longer with us.

Whether the person you wish to remember passed away recently or some time ago, our service provides a great way to include your thoughts and feelings for a missing loved one at this family-oriented time of the year.

We extend an invitation to all in the community to come and share in the warmth of our Father’s Day services, and to join us for refreshments at the conclusion of the service.

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