Careers at Newcastle Memorial Park


To express your interest in working at Newcastle Memorial Park please view the available Roles at InvoCare.

Newcastle Memorial Park is a proud member of InvoCare, an international company operating funeral homes, cemeteries and crematoria. InvoCare believes in people who are passionate about helping others at a pivotal time in their lives.

Newcastle Memorial Park is staffed by a team of caring and experienced Family Service Advisors, Grounds and Front Of House staff. For more information on becoming a part of the team at InvoCare, please visit: Careers at InvoCare.

Our staff

Meet Jo Gordon, a member of our Family Service team.

Jo has a passion for serving those experiencing grief.

“For me customer service is about listening, understanding and being able to communicate in a way that nurtures trust and empathy. And it is my goal to provide a service beyond the expectations of the families I serve.

I treat each and every single person that walks through my door with the deepest respect and always maintain the thought process that I am entrusted with a job in a situation where someone has just lost a mother or a father, a child, a grandparent.

I often ask myself "how would I expect to be treated during this time?", and I would expect dignity, respect and compassion and this in turn is what I draw on in my interactions with families,” says Jo.

There’s a lot for a Family Service team member to do at a memorial park. So what is it that Jo enjoys most about her role?

“Definitely my favourite part is helping families through a really difficult time, then seeing how comforted they are once their loved one's memorial is placed. It’s unbelievably rewarding when a family sends in a letter, or pops into the park to tell you how beautiful the memorial is and how happy they are with the end result.

Losing my parents at young age has given me an insight into the experience and the emotions associated with loss, and the interactions I have with visitors of the park is what makes my job so worthwhile.”

Having helped hundreds of local families to make memorial arrangements for loved ones, which part of Newcastle Memorial Park’s grounds does Jo like best?

“There are two special places in the Park that I love.

Tranquil Waters is where I find the greatest sense of peace. The sound of running water and the sunshine, combined with the constant visits from the beautiful birds, makes this my favourite place.

A close second is the Bushland Garden. The sound of the birds always chirping and the beautiful gardens makes the area a beautiful final resting place. It is private and a true sanctuary, where you can come to visit someone you love in beautiful surrounds.”

Jo Gordon, member of the family services team at Newcastle Memorial Park